Taking Actions on Work Orders from the List View

From the Work Order List View you can take the following actions:

You can also take action on invoices and proposals and finally, you can view work order details and edit the work order.

Also on each work order in the list, you can:

  • Check the select box  to select the work order for either singular or batch actions, such as editing work orders, adding notes to work orders, and copying work orders to paste into an email.
  • Click the star icon  to mark it as a favorite. You can then filter work orders by the ones you have starred, and save a filter set that includes starred work orders.
  • Hover your mouse over the recall icon  to view work orders based on a recall.
  • Hover over the link icon  to view all linked work orders, to determine the full scope of the project or issue.
  • View the clock icon  to see the number of hours technicians have checked into a work order.