About the Work Orders List View

On the Work Order List View you can:

  • View total NTE and Total invoice for local or mixed currencies when navigating through each tab on the list view. The totals automatically and accurately calculate for each tab; 
  • View primary information on a work order such as scheduled date, NTE, age of a work order, and who left the latest note;
  • Take actions on work orders, such as: reassigning to another provider, creating linked work orders, initiating RFPs, and adding notes/attachments;
  • View budget insights of the In Progress or Completed work orders assigned to existing active budgets uploaded on the Admin – Budget Insights page.

    Contact your ServiceChannel manager to enable Budget Insights. 

  • Filter work orders by an array of criteria which includes the No Activity Filter and then save those filters for later viewing or for QuickView; 
  • Take batch actions, such as batch editing work orders or copying multiple work orders to your clipboard;
  • Navigate to the associated asset via the Asset Tag Id or the Asset Tag link;
  • View work orders where the provider missed the original ETA; and,
  • Review locations with excessive calls, or an unusually high number of repair requests for the same trade.

You can also download the following reports:

  • Accrual Reports, which summarizes work orders by location or general ledger (GL) codes in a downloadable spreadsheet; 
  • Regular Reports, which includes the work order data most relevant to you, such as provider feedback or specific location notes; and
  • All Calls Reports, which details every work order, with either troubleshooting information or accounting information.