Site Planning Manager - Reports

Site Planning Manager - Reports is a module available to those who use Site Planning Manager to monitor locations and related assets. After a site audit is configured, auditors can submit audits using SC Mobile or Service Automation. Permissioned users with the Site Audit Reporter role can view audit data, overall scores, media files, and work orders that arise from each audit.

In Site Planning Manager - Reports you can:

  • review all site audits
  • conduct site audits
  • edit site audits
  • filter and sort audits
  • drill down into each audit to view checklists, checklist items, ratings, media files, comments, work orders, and quantities or costs
  • download individual site audit data 
  • download filtered audit data.

In this section, you will learn Viewing the Site Planning Reports List, Reviewing the Site Audit Report, Conducting a Site Audit in Service Automation, and Editing Site Audits.