Contracted Services

Contracted Services is an expansion of the Planned Maintenance module. Earlier, you had to manage and track Planned Maintenance work orders associated with contracted services manually, which was time-consuming, especially when you had bunches of services like janitorial services at different locations with one provider. 

With a new Contracted Services feature on, your facility managers can quickly:

  • Create contracts and connect existing or new PM frequencies to them.
  • Track all work orders created under the specific contract.

Both you and your providers gain visibility into contract services management for Planned Maintenance work orders with a click of a button.

Please, contact your Customer Success Manager to have Contracted Services turned on.

Accessing the Contracted Services Page

⦿ How to Access the Contracted Services Page
  1. In the hamburger menu, click the Contracted Services section.
    The Contracted Services Contracted Services page opens. It shows information about active and inactive contracts.

    Read more information about Viewing Contracts.