Provider Search

Provider Search is the most comprehensive service provider search and opportunities solution that uses objective performance data to help you find the right providers. We have verifiable cost and performance data from over 130 million work orders completed by 70,000 providers that help you connect with the top performers.  

Provider Search brings insights on new network opportunities to replace low-performing providers, boosts your search with filters, and helps you compare new providers to invite the ones that best fit your needs.   

Contact your ServiceChannel manager to start using the provider search.

With Provider Search, you can: 

  • Find top performers fast. Search results are ranked by speed and quality metrics, so the top performers will always appear first. We also ensure that you match with providers who have served both your industry and targeted location. 

Try Network Opportunities to discover new providers for potential cost savings. 

Screenshot showing provider opportunities

Network Opportunities is currently available only in the United States.

  • Get an in-depth provider profile view. See confirmed industry, trade, and regional coverage based on actual work performed. View any provider’s performance KPIs and trends from their performance on ServiceChannel, as well as verified business information such as licenses and certifications. 
  • Receive personalized insights. Before you even search, our advanced algorithm shows you locations and trades where you may have better-performing providers

Provider Search is currently available in the United States. We will expand this offering to customers outside the United States in the coming months.

To access Provider Search from Service Automation, you need: 

⦿ How to Access Provider Search
  1. Click Provider Search in the top navigation panel of Service Automation.
    Alternatively, select Provider Search from the menu in the upper-left corner.

    Navigating to Provider Search
    The Provider Search page appears.

About Provider Search Page 

Provider Search contains a base of providers who are using ServiceChannel. Depending on your configurations, you may see 2 versions of the Provider Search page. 

Now that you know about these 2 pages, it is time to start searching for providers: