Autocopy Notifications for New Work Orders

New work order notifications are always sent to emails specified during the work order creation process. In addition, you can receive autocopy notifications to desired emails and/or mobile numbers (as SMS alerts) for all or select new work orders matching specific criteria.

Criteria for Autocopy Notifications

The criteria that can be specified for new work order notifications include:

  • Locations
  • Trades
  • Categories
  • Priorities
  • Work order recall status, or
  • A combination of any of these criteria

This is especially helpful to keep track of work orders created in areas of interest: for example by receiving alerts for all HVAC high-priority work orders, you may see how many high-priority HVAC work orders are created across locations.

To enable autocopy notifications, you will need to work closely with your SC Account Manager, including:

  • Providing your ServiceChannel representative the necessary criteria for new work order notifications, such as the location number, trade or priority.
  • Creating location note headers for email and mobile numbers to receive the notifications (as email and SMS Alerts, respectively), and providing this to your ServiceChannel representative.

To modify your initial selections of criteria for autocopy notifications (such as trade, category, priority), please contact your ServiceChannel representative.