About Service Provider Check-Ins and Check-Outs

Your work order will list the service provider who will arrive at your location to repair the related issue. While on-site, the service provider must Check-in and Check-out to log his/her progress. This is crucial because it drives real-time information through Service Automation about both the services requested and the services provided. Check-ins and check-outs change work orders to the appropriate status.

Check-In/Out Methods

A service provider may check-in or check-out using one of two methods available: IVR or SC Provider mobile app. Your ServiceChannel administrator determines which method service providers will use:

  • SC Provider Mobile App: This is the preferred method. When configured, a service provider should use their mobile phone and the SC Provider mobile app to check in and check out of work orders. Each work order will update accordingly.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system: When configured, a service provider must use a telephone to check in and check out. Your ServiceChannel administrator may allow the use of either a landline or mobile phone:
    • Landline phone: A service provider may be mandated to use the location’s landline phone to check in and check out, to ensure that they have arrived at the correct location to address the work order. A landline phone should be made available to the service provider.
    • Mobile phone: A service provider is allowed to use their mobile phone to check in and check out at the location.