Managing Location Note Headers

You have a number of options for managing Location Note Headers (LNHs):

Location Note Headers vs. Location Notes

Do not confuse location note headers with location notes.

Location Note Header

A parameter that you create and manage in the Admin module > Location Settings.

Examples: Facility Manager, District Manager, etc.

Location Note

A value that you enter for the location note header on the location details page. This value together with the LNH is displayed across the platform as additional location information.

Example: Natalie Smith is the Facility Manager at the location 000 CSR Flagship. So, on the details page for the location, you enter Natalie Smith for the Facility Manager location note header.

Adding New Location Note Headers

There is no limit to the number of Location Note Headers that can be added to the system.

⦿ How to Add a Location Note Header
  1. Navigate to Admin > Location Settings > Location Note Headers page.
  2. Click Add Location Note Header.
    Clicking the Add Location Note Header button allows you to create a new LNH
  3. Enter the header name in the Location Note Header text field.Overlay for adding a new LNH

    • Only alphanumeric characters should be used when naming Location Note Headers. The character limit is 50. We recommend using short headers so they are easier to read.
    • Different browsers render formatting differently, which may cause unexpected results. Therefore, formatting is not recommended. It is not recommended to copy and paste text into this field.
  4. (Optional) To show the location note header on the work orders, invoices, and proposals lists, select the corresponding checkbox(es) in the List Visibility section. Note: This feature is coming in late October.List Visibility setting for the LNH

     Expand the section to learn more about List Visibility.
    • The location note headers with their values will appear on the selected list(s), under the location address. Having key location information displayed in the list view saves you time as you do not have to drill into the detailed view.Location Notes on the work order in the list view
    • Each list can host up to 2 location note headers. If the system does not let you select a checkbox in the List Visibility section, it means that you already have 2 LNHs displayed on the list. In this case, you can clear the checkbox for an unwanted LNH.Tooltip contains information on why the LNH cannot be added to this or that list
    • If you are currently using additional features to display the Remodel Day on the work orders and/or proposals lists, please note that the Remodel Date will not appear on the lists unless you mark this LNH with the corresponding List Visibility option.
    • You might want to display such LNHs as Remodel Date, Lease Expiration Date, Property Manager, or others on your lists.
  5. (When applicable) Select the Private checkbox for the LNH to be viewable only to corporate users.

    • Private location notes are not visible to providers.
    • Location users cannot view private location notes in their dashboard unless private notes are enabled in dashboard settings > Request tab.Location notes in dashboard, on the page for creating a new service request
  6. (When applicable) Select the Protected checkbox so that only users with the Note Admin permission can edit this LNH.

    You should have the Note Admin permission to be able to mark LNHs as Protected and to be able to edit protected location notes. Contact ServiceChannel to get this permission.

  7. Select the desired Search Type for the header:
    1. None: The LNH will not be available as a search criterion across the platform. 
    2. Exact: You will be able to search for work orders, proposals, locations, and more by this LNH, but you should always enter the exact location note value to get the search results.Example of the exact search type field
    3. Contains: You will be able to search for work orders, proposals, locations, and more by LNH using a keyword.
  8. Click Save. Your new location note header will now appear in the list.

Modifying Location Note Headers

For existing Location Note Headers, you can change the order in which they are listed, edit, and delete them.

Pencil icon to the right of each LNH allows you to update information on that LNH


Be careful when editing or deleting a Location Note Header. Some Location Note Headers are linked to configuration setups, such as work order dispatch overrides; while others are linked to email notifications or configuration of Analytics reports and dashboards.

Changing the Order of Location Note Headers

There is a drag and drop feature which allows you to arrange the list of the Location Note Headers and the order they appear when displayed in the system and on work orders.

Changing the order of the LNHs

If you are using Location Note Headers in Analytics, please be careful about changing the order of your Location Note Headers. The order is linked to how the headers and values are displayed within Analytics reports. If you change the order of any Location Note Headers being used, you are likely to cause your Analytics reports to stop working as intended.

⦿ How to Change the Order of Location Note Headers
  1. Click the header you want to move and drag it to its new location in the list.
  2. Repeat step 1 to arrange the rest of the list.

Editing Existing Location Note Headers

You can change the header name, privacy and search options as well as display/hide LNHs on the work orders, invoices, and proposals lists.

⦿ How to Edit Location Note Headers
  1. Click the pencil ✐ icon in the Actions column next to the header you would like to edit.Pencil icon to the right of each LNH allows you to update information on that LNH
  2. Edit the header as needed.

    Overlay for editing a LNH

  3. Click Save. Your updates will appear in the list.

Deleting Existing Location Note Headers

Location note headers marked as Protected can be deleted only by those employees who have the Note Admin permission enabled by ServiceChannel.

⦿ How to Delete Location Note Headers
  1. Click the red cross ❌ icon next to the required LNH in the Actions column.
  2. Confirm the action.

Red cross icon to the right of each LNH allows you to remove the LNH