Convert Issue List

During the implementation stage of Service Automation, the Issue List is created to support the usage of a dashboard. Issue List provides users with an efficient way to upload a predefined set of issues that are relevant when it comes to creating work orders in a dashboard. Each dashboard can have its own issue list or utilize the same one. Issue list ensures accurate information, establishes how work orders are created, and collects data. This is necessary to ensure a work order has the proper information to determine:

  • Exact issue. 
  • Location of the issue. 
  • Problem type.
  • Category. 
  • Indicate whether a service provider is needed.

At some point, you may want to revise the issue list to support the needs of a location. You would want to modify the issue list to:

  • Update the Priority or NTE of items in your issues list to reflect your new needs. 
  • Modify the options to be more clear to the store/location user. 
  • Create new choices that do not exist or remove choices that are no longer applicable. 
  • Add instructive messages, troubleshooting text, or adjust guided troubleshooting options. 
  • Respond to changes in your locations that are the result of remodels or resets.

Important: Without an issue list added onto each dashboard, you will not be able to submit a work order in that dashboard.