Modifying Dashboard Settings

The Edit Dashboard Settings page allows you to edit work order management settings for dashboard users.

As a Dashboard Admin user, you are able to modify the settings for all dashboards. Therefore, it is important to ensure the correct dashboard is selected before making the necessary changes.

These settings are available under the following tabs:

Screenshot showing the dashboard settings

  • GeneralTheme-specific information, language, date, time, currency, and log in / out redirects.
  • Summary: Settings for the Summary page.
  • Request: New service request settings.
  • Request Confirm: Settings for modifying the defaults derived from the issue list, such as category, priority, NTE, and notifications.
  • Note: Settings for viewing and adding notes from the dashboard.
  • Report: Options for the View Open Tickets and View Work History pages.
  • Feedback: Settings for confirming completion of work orders marked as completed by service providers.
  • Proposals: Options for displaying proposals in Dashboard 2.0 and modifying the category of work orders associated with proposals.
  • Invoice: Invoice approval settings for users added to MLI configuration. This tab contains an option for enabling proposals in the ServiceChannel Mobile app for Dashboard users.
  • Auto-Users: Settings for auto-user creation for dashboards.
  • Areas: Adding new areas, that were added to the issue list.
  • Override: Adding new overrides, that were added to the issue list.
  • Sorting: Settings for displaying work orders.
  • Distribute: Allows you to distribute your dashboard settings to other associated dashboards.