About Service Automation Dashboard 2.0

Service Automation Dashboard 2.0 is used to generate and track work orders, provide feedback on services, and view and approve invoices. In Dashboard 2.0, work orders are managed by location. Note that:

  • A user with access to one location can only generate and view work orders for their own location.
  • A user with access to multiple locations can generate and view work orders for all assigned locations, one location at a time. 

It is not possible to generate work orders for multiple locations at one time.

Accessing Service Automation Dashboard 2.0

Depending on your configuration, you may login using either a username/password combination, or through single sign on service.

Depending on your permissions, your ServiceChannel administrator may supply you a username and password. If you use your company’s intranet to sign in to Service Automation, please contact your internal IT department.

⦿ How to Log In to Dashboard 2.0 Using Username/Password
  1. Open an Internet browser and enter your Client URL (for example: yourbusinessname.servicechannel.com). The login page appears.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password.
  3. Click Login. What appears next will depend on your system permissions:
    1. Users with access to only one location: Dashboard 2.0 immediately displays. Usually, those who only work in one location (for example, general managers or location workers) would have access to one location.
    2. Users with access to multiple locations: You must first choose a location to see the correct dashboard. Typically, those who manage several stores (for example, district or regional managers) would have access to multiple locations.

Your permissions determine access to the various pages in Dashboard 2.0, such as creating work orders or approving invoices.

⦿ How to Log Out of Dashboard 2.0
  1. Log out of Dashboard 2.0 using one of these two methods:
    1. In the top-right corner, click the red icon; or
    2. Close the browser window.