About Multi-Level Proposal Approval

Multi-level proposal approval, or MLP approval, provides a hierarchy for reviewing and approving proposals to multiple people. Below is an example of how an MLP hierarchy may be configured. Your ServiceChannel Administrator determines which employees are added to your MLP hierarchy.

An example of an MLP approval hierarchy

Multi-level proposal approval allows you to structure a workflow where proposals advance from one person to another in a hierarchy until the proposal is finally approved or rejected by the highest person in the hierarchy. MLP approval can be set up for specific trades, categories, and/or proposal amounts, meaning users may approve proposals based on what trade or category the proposal is in and/or the currency amount of the proposal at predetermined thresholds.

The MLP configuration is set by your ServiceChannel administrator. Read more about Configuring Multi-Level Proposals.

Proposal Approval Limits

Each person in the hierarchy can approve proposals up to a maximum currency amount, or the proposal approval limit.

MLP Auto Escalation

Should the auto escalation process be set up, a proposal automatically moves one level up in the MLP hierarchy if a user at a specific level doesn't take action on the proposal within a set number of days (usually, 3–7 days).

Proposal Approval Override

The Override option in the MLP configuration allows users who are higher in the hierarchy to override the reviews of users who are lower in the hierarchy and take action on proposals. This is useful when lower-level users can’t review proposals within a desired period of time or when proposals require immediate attention.

Proposal Approval Skip

With the SkipOverLimit option enabled for a specific level, all proposals that are above the level's approval limit are automatically escalated to the next level. For example, the SkipOverLimit flag is configured for the District Manager whose approval limit is $500. If the proposal amount is $750, the proposal is automatically escalated to the Regional Manager level for approval.