About the Invoices List View

On the Invoices List, you can view all invoices that your service providers submit to your company. It gives you high transparency along the invoice processing cycle, so you know which invoices are open, approved, placed on hold, rejected, or paid.

⦿ How to Access the Invoices List
  1. On the top navigation bar, click Invoices. The Invoices List appears.

Invoices List

The Invoices List can be divided into eight sections.

Invoices List and its sections

  1. Status tabs atop the Invoices List. Each tab displays a list of invoices in the corresponding status — Open, Reviewed, Approved, Disputed, Rejected, Paid, and On Hold. To view invoices in all statuses, click All. Find more information about invoice statuses.
  2. Left panel used for filtering and searching for invoices. On the Filter By tab, you can filter invoices by one or multiple criteria. To find a particular invoice, go to the Search For tab. For more details, see Filtering, Sorting, and Searching for Invoices.
  3. Invoices list. All your invoices show up here in the list view. Apart from viewing the details, you can take action on an invoice.
  4. Number of invoices and their total amount. Displays how many invoices match the selected filtering options as well as the total amount of these invoices. This section also contains a checkbox for selecting all invoices at once.

    Should you need to change the decimal point (.) to decimal comma (,) on monetary amounts, contact your ServiceChannel representative. 

  5. Download/Upload option. You can either download an MS Excel report on existing invoices or upload a template if you want to create invoices in batch. Look for details in Using Invoice Templates to Create Invoices. You can select one of the following:
    • Download Invoice Report
    • Download Line Item Report
    • Download Tax Report
    • Upload Invoice Template
    • Upload Payment Invoice Template
  6. Batch by option is used to combine invoices into a batch. You can batch invoices by:
    • Provider/Trade
    • Provider
    • Trade
    • Category/Provider
  7. Sorting options. You may sort invoices in ascending or descending order by the following criteria:
    • Date — the default sorting parameter
    • Invoice number
    • Purchase order number
    • Batch ID
    • Trade
    • Location ID
    • Provider
    • Status
    • Amount
  8. Pagination. You can change the number of invoices displayed per page — 10, 20, or 50 invoices — and switch between pages if there are more than one.

Accessing Invoice-Related Info From the List View

The Invoices List shows the key details of each invoice, such as the invoice number, status, date, amount, and more. The invoice status also appears as a colored bar along the top of each invoice.

Clickable invoice items from the list view

While navigating through the list, you may drill down to other pages of Service Automation by clicking one of the following:

  1. Invoice number. Leads you to the invoice details page where you can check the invoice date, status, amount, work order trade, provider, location where the work was done, detailed charges, and other info. You may also view the invoice history and attachments, if any.
    Alternatively, click the info icon on the left of the listed invoice to go to the invoice details page.

    When you go to the invoice details page, it gets open with a unique link in the address bar. You may share the link with your colleagues or with permissioned service provider employees to give them quick access to the invoice.
    Each invoice opens with a unique link in the browser

  2. Provider name. Opens an overlay with summary information about the provider who serviced the invoiced work order. There, you can check the provider ID, their address, contact details, trade they serve, SC standing, and other details.

  3. Proposal number. Redirects you to the proposals list where you can /wiki/spaces/UJNK/pages/560103501. The proposal number appears on the Invoices List only for invoiced work orders that have an associated proposal.

  4. Work order number. Opens the work order details page of the invoiced service request.
  5. Location infoShows the location ID and address. This section can also display up to 2 location note headers. Learn how you can add LNHs to your invoices list. Clicking the location ID leads you to the location details page displaying the location ID, name, address, open and close dates, and contact info as well as location notes, attachments, assets, and other information.Up to two location note headers can be displayed on an invoice in the list view
  6. Asset Intelligence. Appears for invoices posted against work orders where assets were used. Being part of /wiki/spaces/UJNK/pages/559251520, this tool provides you with a brief overview of asset information and helps you make a better decision when taking action on an invoice.
  7. Invoice Intelligence. When expanded, shows you a graph where the invoice falls based on the history of similar invoices that were approved earlier. Having this info at hand, you can quickly understand if the invoice falls out of the standard ranges.
  8. Attachments. Click the paperclip icon to the right of an invoice to land on the Attachments tab of the invoice details page. The tab shows all files attached to the invoice and its associated work order.

    To quickly view the attached files, hover over the paperclip icon, and click the desired file name in the tooltip. The attachment opens in a new browser tab.

  9. GL code. Opens an overlay where you can edit the approval code for this invoice. Find additional information about updating GL codes.

  10. Last Update By. Shows you the username of the last person who took action on the invoice. Hover over this field to view the invoice status it was moved to and the date when this change happened.
    Previous Update By. Shows the username of the person who made the last but one update to the invoice.

    When more than one action is taken on an invoice, you see both the Last Update By and Previous Update By info for this invoice in the list view. If you hover over Last Update By, a tooltip appears with a list of all updates made to the invoice with the latest change going on top.
    Hover over Last Update By to see the list of updates for the invoice