Creating Proposals, RFPs, and Invoices from the List View

On the List View, you can access the Proposals Module and the Invoices Module to continue your facilities work. Locate the desired work order to access More.

Inside More

Inside the More button, you will see additional actions. Based on your permissions and the work order status, you may see the following:

  • On Open and In Progress work orders, More contains links to create Proposals/RFPs and linked work orders.
  • On Completed work orders not yet invoiced, More contains links to create an Invoice and linked work orders.

Once a work order is invoiced, you can only use More to link service requests.

⦿ How to Create a Linked Dashboard Service Request from the List View
  1. Locate the desired work order on the list view, and then click More > Create Linked Dashboard Service Request. The Dashboard appears.


    Navigating away from creating the service request will break the linked work order.

  2. Create and submit the work order on your Dashboard.

    Dashboard 2.0 or 1.0: How do I know?

    For instructions on how to create a work order through the Dashboard, follow one of the following:

  3. On the work orders list, both the original and the linked work order listings have a link icon  in the top-left corner of WO details. Hovering the mouse over the icon displays the tracking number of the linked work order as well as the status of that work order. Click the tracking number to navigate to the linked work order.
    Viewing a linked work order from the List View

    Watch a video to learn how to link work orders.