Editing Work Order Details

The details that help identify a work order can be modified based on your business needs.

Work Order Details

  • Work Order/Purchase Order number: You may add your unique Work Order and/or Purchase Order numbers based on your business rules.

    Tracking numbers are automatically applied to all work orders and cannot be edited. Work Order numbers and Purchase Order (PO) numbers are automatically assigned the same number as the Tracking Number, and will not appear on the work order unless edited.

    PO numbers can have a maximum of 50 alphanumeric characters. On the Work Order List, PO numbers are truncated to less than 20 characters.

    Tracking numbers, Work Order numbers, and PO numbers carry over throughout Service Automation, namely to Invoices, Proposals, and downloaded reports.

  • Assignee: Should you require a specific user to oversee a work order, you may make that person an Assignee. This allows the Assignee to run a Work Order Report to view all work orders assigned to him/her and manage them.
  • Caller: You may edit the name of the person who placed the work order request. This is helpful, for example, where several location users login to the Dashboard using the same login, but you want to log the actual person who placed the service request.

    Work orders generated through the Planned Maintenance module will list the Caller name as “Auto-generated work order."

See How to Edit a Work Order for information on how to edit a work order.