Taking Action on Invoices

To the right of each invoice on the Invoices List is the Actions button, where you can take action on one invoice. As a facility operator, you may take action on a single invoice or multiple invoicesYou can also send notifications when rejecting invoices.

Should you need to change the decimal point (.) to decimal comma (,) on monetary amounts, contact your ServiceChannel representative. 

Use the Actions button to take action on invoices

Taking Action on a Single Invoice

To the right of each invoice is the Actions button. This allows you to take the appropriate action for that specific invoice:

  • Open: By default, all invoices are in the Open status when submitted. Should you need to place it On Hold, you may put it back to the Open status at a later time.
  • Approve: The invoice is accepted and can move forward for payment.

    When the multi-level invoice (MLI) approval procedure is set up for your company, you can approve an invoice only within your allowed limit configured in the Admin module. Once approved, the invoice moves forward to the next employee in the approval flow — according to the configured MLI hierarchy.

  • On Hold: The invoice requires further review before being approved or rejected.
  • Reject: The invoice costs and/or details are not agreed upon. This action may require the service provider to resubmit the invoice. See Sending Notifications on Rejected Invoices, below.
  • Pay: Mark an approved invoice as Paid by adding a total or partial payment on the invoice. This changes the invoice to the Paid status. See Marking Invoices as Paid for more information.
⦿ How to Take Action on a Single Invoice
  1. Locate the desired invoice and click Actions.

    Take Action on a Single Invoice

  2. Select the action you need to take on the invoice. The action overlay appears.
  3. Review the invoice details, enter a comment when required, and then click Save. The invoice changes to the chosen status.

Taking Action on Multiple Invoices

To the left of each invoice is a checkbox, which allows you to check the individual invoices on which you want to take action.

On the top of the list, a checkbox left of the number of invoices listed allows you to take action on all invoices. On the bottom of the page, you will see a blue bar with the actions you can take, and the number of invoices on which you can take that action next to each action.

⦿ How to Take Action on Multiple Invoices or All Invoices
  1. Check the box next to the desired invoices or check the box on the top to select all invoices.
  2. On the bottom of the screen, click the desired action. The action overlay appears.
    Take Action on Multiple Invoices
  3. Enter the required information, and then click Save. The invoices change to the selected status.

Sending Notifications on Rejected Invoices

When you reject an invoice, the provider cannot edit the invoice and resubmit it. Instead, the provider must submit a new invoice.

While rejecting the invoice you are prompted to enter comments concerning the rejection, so the provider knows what is wrong and can fix it when resubmitting a new invoice.

Checking the Notify Provider box sends an email to the provider, alerting that something is amiss. From there, you can also add additional emails to notify others along with the provider.

All email recipients can see the details of the invoice as well as the rejection comments.

When you reject several invoices at a time, notification emails are sent for each rejected invoice.