Home Page - Actionable Landing Page (ALP)

The Actionable Landing Page (or ALP) is the home page of Service Automation. It summarizes requested work orders, proposals, and invoices that require your attention, or on which you may take action. By highlighting emergency and non-emergency work orders and proposals in need of attention, you may take action and respond to issues faster.

You may filter these work orders, proposals, and invoices by trade, category, region, districtlocation note headers (up to 10), and/or service provider, to hone in on the most crucial areas of attention.

If you have Network Opportunities, you may see an Opportunity Card. Each Opportunity Card has a trade and a number of locations where you can potentially improve your Private Network by inviting new, better-performing providers based on their scores. You will also see the average potential performance improvement in percentage. 

  • Click See Opportunities > to go to Provider Search and explore new opportunities.

By default, the Actionable Landing Page shows all work orders and proposals created within 45 days of the scheduled call date. The metrics on the Actionable Landing Page automatically refresh every 5 minutes.

You may also search for work orders and create a service request on this page, as well as review Messages from ServiceChannel.