Checklist Dashboard

The Checklist Dashboard provides numerous checklist information across all work orders that are associated with a specific checklist. The Dashboard comprises of the following reports:

The Checklist Dashboard is comprised of the following sections:

Checklist Summary: Overview for specific checklists used from most-to-least numerical order.
Checklist By Category/Trade: Identifies specific category/trade combination checklist used from most-to-least numerical order.
# of Work Orders with a Checklist: Total number of work orders with a checklist.
Checklists by State: Total number of checklists used within each US state.
Summary by Checklist Question and Answer: Viewing answers for each question within a specific checklist.
Checklist by Location: Locations where work orders have checklists from most-to-least numerical order.
WOs with a Checklist per Week: Number of work orders per week with checklists.
Checklist Response Detailed Report: Allows for viewing data for a detailed report within a specific checklist question and response.

Using the Navigation Panel

Checklist Navigation Panel

When viewing information from the dashboard, the navigation panel works in two ways:

Using Automatic Change

Automatic change occurs when a selection is made from one of the reports on the dashboard. When a selection is made, it changes the dashboard information and category filters. For example, from the Checklist Summary report, clicking on the Parking checklist will change the dashboard information and update the category filter. 

⦿ How to Make an Automatic Change on the Checklist Dashboard
  1. Choose then click on a selection within any report to view the information.
  2. The dashboard information and category filter changes automatically to reflect the selection.
    Automatic change

Using Manual Change

Manual change occurs when changing one or all the drop-down selections for a filter category. When changing at least one filter category drop-down, the information on the dashboard filters and changes to reflect the choice(s). For example, when changing the drop-down for Checklist Name and Location Number, the dashboard generates the information related to those changes.

⦿ How to Make a Manual Change on the Checklist Dashboard
  1. Choose then click at least one of the filter categories to open its modal.
  2. Use the drop-down arrow or type-in the filter choice
    1. To Free Text Answer Flag, select Yes or No
    2. For additional filters, click the More+7 button
      Additional Filters
  3. Click the Update button to finalize the filter and changes on the dashboard.