Site Planning Dashboard

Site Planning Dashboard allows you to aggregate all your Site Audit data into one place, enabling you to efficiently track metrics, compare data across your locations and audit types, and take action. Use the Site Planning Dashboard to track compliance—whether it’s your company’s compliance policies or regulatory policies, fix problems before government inspections, and budget for capital planning. 

Navigating the Site Planning Dashboard 


Filters will change with every tab to only include the most relevant information for each type of report and help you filter for the most meaningful data. Pay attention as some look similar, but actually do have filters different from previous pages. 


  • Audit Summary - Track summary data around audit types, completion dates, and checklist items and view key metrics and visualizations. 
  • Audit Details - Identify top problem spots, prioritize fixes, and optimize efficiency, supported by detailed data on costs, invoices, and audit specifics for strategic decision making and improved audit outcomes. 
  • Report by Checklist Item - Gain a detailed overview of audit performance based on checklist items, helping you identify trends and compliance issues across locations and regions.  
  • Audit Trends -Provides a high level overview of the average audit score by completion month and a closer look at score trends by individual location 

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