Completed Not Invoiced Dashboard

Completed Not Invoiced Dashboard helps keep your program efficient by giving insight into how many completed Work Orders have not been invoiced. Break down Work Order information about service providerstrades, and for how long committed spend has been out using this dashboard. See where you can also further the process along through the # of WO pending confirmation tile. 

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Completed Not Invoiced Dashboard Tiles

  1. Top 20 Providers by NTE Amount of Completed Not Invoiced - View which providers consistently complete Work Orders but do not invoice.*
  2. Total NTE Completed Not invoiced - Shows the total NTE spend amount.
  3. # of WO Completed Not Invoiced - Shows the total number of completed Work Orders not invoiced.
  4. Completed Not Invoiced NTE Amount by Trade - View Work Orders by trade.*
  5. NTE Amt Completed Not Invoiced by Completion Month - View the months in which the Work Order was completed.*
  6. NTE Amount by Days Since Completion - Shows the amount of committed spend by how long it has been sitting out.
  7. # of WO Pending Confirmation - Action is required on your part! Use this data to further the Work Orders process by approving those completed Work Orders.
  8. Completed Not Invoiced Report - Downloadable report in its entirety.*

*Click on the tile to cross-filter the dashboard.

Dashboard Navigation

How to Use this Dashboard

You can use this dashboard four ways:

  1. Filter from the typical dashboard filters up top to narrow your search. 

      See filtering an analytics dashboard for further information.

  2. Cross filter the dashboard by clicking on any tile with work order attributes. 

  3. Drill-in to the measures where available.
  4. Schedule an email delivery of the detailed work order data in EXCEL by opening this tile report as a Look. Click the vertical ellipsis in the right hand corner → View Look Create Schedules.

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