Projects Dashboard - All Projects

Projects Dashboard - All Projects allows you to have an in-depth look and understanding of all projects and their tasks associated within the Projects Module. This dashboard provides various breakdowns for individual projects, their tasks, and is categorized based upon cost, metrics, and statuses.

Projects Dashboard - All Project is comprised of the following sections:

  • Project By Status: Viewing projects that are in different Project Lifecycle Statuses
  • Total Projects: View all the projects
  • Original Estimated Cost: View all estimated projects cost
  • Forecasted Cost: View all predicted projects cost
  • Approved Cost: View all approved projects cost
  • Total Committed Cost: View all projects cost of work
  • Total Incurred Cost: View all projects invoiced work
  • Variance Cost: View all projects price difference incurred cost and original estimated cost
  • Total Tasks: View all tasks associated with projects
  • Issued Task: View tasks that have went out to Non-FTM providers
  • Unissued Task: View tasks that have not sent out to Non-FTM providers
  • Budgeted Spend: Total cost of budgeted projects incurred cost
  • Unbudgeted Spend: Total cost of unbudgeted projects incurred cost
  • Committed Cost by Task Status: Breakdown of Issue and Unissed Task by status
  • Incurred Cost by Invoice Status: Cost of projects incurred cost by invoiced tasks

Navigating Projects Dashboard - All Projects 

The two ways for you to identify and view information on the dashboard is by clicking either the:

  • Numerical Value: When clicking the numerical value for a section, a list of projects appears in a new modal and you can see the details associated with a particular project. The entire list is strictly for that particular section.
  • Actual Name: When clicking on the actual name of the section, a new modal appears and you will have the ability to customize the reports to your liking. Please see Premium Analytics for more details. 

Viewing Projects

Allows for you to assess all projects from different perspectives. Depending on how you would want to assess a project, you can do so by using:

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