RFPs / Proposals / Decision Engine Proposals

The Proposal List has recently been redesigned. See the bottom of this page for how to access this module from either the redesigned view or the legacy view.

About RFPs and Proposals

The RFPs / Proposals module allows you to manage requests for proposals (RFPs) for projects, as well as proposals sent to you by your service providers. Proposals and proposal requests help you manage a reasonable scope of work along with its associated costs among your providers.

In the RFPs / Proposals module you can:

  • approve or reject proposals
  • assign proposals to other users
  • manage RFPs
  • view the proposal history
  • download proposals reports.

With RFPs you can ask one or many providers to bid for the work specified by completing a proposal that details the costs of materials, labor, and other criteria.

⦿ How to Access the RFPs List
  1. In your Service Automation account, click RFPs on the top navigation bar. You will see where you can either create an RFP or view/process RFPs.

Should you not see the RFP link in your navigation bar, you have the Legacy Proposal View enabled. Please see below on how to access RFPs and how to switch to the current Redesigned Proposal View.

In addition to responding to an RFP, a provider can create Proposals for the following reasons:

  • raise the NTE,
  • detail additional issues found while onsite unrelated to the work order they are currently working on, or
  • in response to an RFP.
⦿ How to Access the Proposals List
  1. In Service Automation, click Proposals on the top navigation bar. The Proposal List View appears.

Should you see a screen titled "View/Process Proposals" instead, you have the Legacy Proposal View enabled. Please see below on how to access proposals in the legacy view and how to switch to the current Redesigned Proposal View.

Proposals are also available in the ServiceChannel Mobile app.

About Decision Engine and Supporting Intelligence

When a Proposal is submitted Service Automation uses Decision Engine, a data intelligence tool, to help you make better decisions as you approve and reject proposals. 

The Supporting Intelligence agent displays the cost of the current proposal and where it ranks against other proposals you have approved, alongside the provider's Scorecard performance. With this data you will know how your proposals are either saving or costing you money, and a glimpse of the quality of the provider's work — from here, you can approve or reject the proposal more confidentially than without the data.

You will see the Decision Engine agent on every proposal.

Switching Between the Redesigned Proposal List View and the Legacy Proposal List View

Recently, we have released a redesigned Proposal List View that includes more features than in the Legacy View:

  • filtering by the amount listed on a Proposal,
  • saving a filter similar to Work Orders and Invoices, and
  • setting a filter to be a default filter.

By default, you will see the New Proposal List, however, you can go back to the legacy view until you are comfortable with the redesigned view.

Should you no longer need to refer to our previous Proposals design, contact your ServiceChannel representative to retire the Go back to the previous design functionality.

⦿ How to Switch from the Redesigned View to the Legacy View
  1. On the top-right of the Proposals List View, click Go back to the previous design. You will see the View / Process Proposals page, which is the Legacy Proposals View.

    When the Legacy View is enabled, the RFP button does not appear in the top navigation bar. Click Proposals in the top navigation bar to view and process RFPs.

⦿ How to Switch from the Legacy View to the Redesigned View
  1. In the top navigation bar, click Proposals. You will see the View / Process Proposals page.

  2. On the top-right of the page, click Try Out New Proposals. The Redesigned Proposal List View appears.