Inviting Users in Bulk to Provider Automation

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The Bulk Invite Users feature allows you to invite multiple users and technicians at one time. Instead of adding users one by one in the main section, you can download a template and add users to it, and then upload into Provider Automation all at once.

⦿ How to Add Technicians in Bulk
  1. Under Administration > User Management, click the Bulk Invite Users button. The Bulk Invite Users page appears.
  2. Click the Download Template button. The Bulk Invite template downloads onto your device.
  3. Open the template in your preferred spreadsheet reader. 


    The Bulk Users template must be saved in a Microsoft Excel (.XLSX) format.

  4. Enter the user's First and Last Name; email Address, and Mobile Phone number
  5. Enter a User Role:
    1. Service Operations;
    2. Business Owner/ Management;  
    3. Financial Authority; or
    4. Technician

      In order for non-Techncian user roles to have access to the ServiceChannel Provider Mobile app, you must also mark the user as a Techncian in Provider Automation.

  6. Save the Template as an .XLSX formatted document.
  7. On the Bulk Invite Users screen, click Upload Document. Locate and select the .XLSX file saved from above.
  8. On the confirmation page, select a User Role for each of the invitees, and then click Submit

  9. You will see confirmation that the users were uploaded. Click Confirm to proceed.
  10. On the User Management page, select the Invited radio button to view the invited users.

All users invited through this method receive an email invitation to complete their Service Automation user account.

Users who complete their profile appear under the Active tab in User Management.

Those who do not complete their profile remain under the Invited tab until their profile is complete. Those users will not have access to Service Automation or a technician account to use in the SC Provider Mobile app until their profiles are complete.