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About ServiceChannel Usage Fees

Your access to ServiceChannel includes a powerful toolbox of features and services that make it easier and more profitable for you to provide the quality, efficient service your customers appreciate — plus a world of opportunity for new business available to you through the ServiceChannel platform. 

To provide you with the best service, ServiceChannel charges service providers 1.25% on the pre-tax amount of approved invoices with a maximum of $3.

You will see the ServiceChannel Software Usage and Fees charge for all approved invoices, even for those invoices not yet paid by your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the software usage fee?

  • There is a charge to service providers of 1.25% of the pre-tax amount of approved invoices.
  • The maximum amount charged per approved invoice is $3.
  • The fee is assessed on the invoice subtotal, prior to sales tax.
  • This applies to US and Canadian service providers and suppliers.

Fee Chart

Invoice Amount


(1.25% with $3 cap)































Why does ServiceChannel charge providers a usage fee?

ServiceChannel makes ongoing investments in helping service providers do their best, most cost-effective work and grow their business through the ServiceChannel platform. For example: 

  • Phone support so you can reach us easily and resolve any issues in a timely manner
  • Features to make you more efficient, get you paid faster and help you get more business. For example:
    • Make you more efficient: the mobile and web app for providers
    • Get you paid faster: streamlined invoicing 
    • Get you more work: the provider profile, easy invitation flow and robust customer search capabilities that help you get more business.
  • A dedicated provider support team

Is this fee charged for work orders?

  • No, the software usage fee is charged only on the value of approved invoices, not on work orders.

Is this fee charged on all invoices?

  • The software usage fee is charged on all APPROVED invoices including service requests, preventive maintenance, supply orders, bulk invoices (fee applies separately to each work order included on the approved invoice) and auto invoices (invoices automatically generated and processed).
  • Rejected or disputed invoices are not charged.
  • Invoices for work obtained through ServiceChannel Scout, Search, or ServiceChannel Managed programs are charged a 5% commission, which includes the software usage fee.

Does the fee apply to all approved invoices in the same way?

  • No, the fee is not applied to all approved invoices the same way. Fees for approved invoices under $240 (the amount where the cap applies) is 1.25% of the pre-tax amount of the approved invoice and not more than $3 per invoice. For example, the fee for a $50 invoice is 63c; for a $100 invoice, $1.25; and for a $150 invoice, $1.88.
  • Fees for approved invoices of $240 or more will be $3 per invoice, regardless of the amount of the invoice. The fee for a $240 invoice or a $2,400 invoice will be $3.

Do software usage fees get charged to supplier invoices? 

  • Yes, software usage fees are charged to both supplier and service provider approved invoices.

What happens if I don’t pay the ServiceChannel software usage fee?

  • Accounts with unpaid software usage fees are placed in “Restricted” status.
  • Accounts in restricted status are not able to issue invoices.

When did this fee rate go into effect?

  • The current fee rate took effect on October 30, 2021.
  • Invoices that have been approved on or after 00:00:01 EST October 30, 2021 are charged this rate.

How often does ServiceChannel adjust the software usage fee for providers? 

  • Fees may be adjusted from time to time, but we will always make sure you are getting real value in return and receive proper notice.

Does this fee rate apply to invoices for work done through ServiceChannel Scout, Search, or SC Managed programs? 

  • No. Invoices for work obtained through ServiceChannel Scout, Search, or SC Managed programs are charged a 5% commission, which includes the software usage fee.

See full ServiceChannel Terms & Conditions.


The following benefits are available to you:

  • Provider Automation Directory: A directory geared toward connecting clients and their facility needs with commercial service providers who promote what they do through their profile.

  • Compliance Dashboard: Allows service providers to manage their services, compliance, and preferences for all customers from a single dashboard.

  • Work Order Dashboard: Provides access to critical work order details that are updated to reflect the priorities for the day.

  • Reports: Providers can download work order & invoice reports and sort/filter by date, or service type, to access pertinent data.

  • ServiceChannel Provider Mobile App: (available for both iOS and Android) Allows technicians to check-in/out based on geolocation, add notes, and update work order status while on site.

  • Scorecard: Service providers can monitor and measure key performance indicators by individual customers or in the aggregate across all customers to demonstrate a focus on service performance.

  • Integrations: Web service integration (XML / cXML) lowers cost and improves ease of doing business.

  • ServiceChannel Support: 24/7/365 call center and online support available to contractors and suppliers; includes follow-up support on work orders with a response in eight hours or less.

  • Invoicing Solutions: Invoices can be submitted through three efficient methods: electronic invoice portal, bulk load invoice, and integrated invoice. Each invoicing solution makes the experience much easier for service providers.

  • ServiceChannel University Knowledge Base and Training: Service providers can access a robust knowledge base that provides insight into using ServiceChannel products and features. Additionally, we offer online training every day for individuals who register.

Existing Contractors and Suppliers will retain access to ServiceChannel's features and benefits unless the account is in a Restricted status.

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