Viewing Software Usage Fees Invoice Details

You may view the details of pending and past ServiceChannel Software Usage Fees in Provider Automation on the Invoice Details page under the My Account section in Provider Automation. 

Only the Business Owner/Management and Financial Authority user roles give you permission to accept the terms and conditions and manage payment methods. Read more about user roles in Adding and Modifying Users and Assigning User Roles.

⦿ How to View Pending Fees
  1. From the hamburger menu in the upper-left corner, select Administration > My Account.
  2. On the left of the My Account page, select Invoice Details. Here, you can view the list of invoices that will process the ServiceChannel Software Usage Fees.
    1. Review accrued fees under the Pending Invoices section.
    2. Review an overview of invoices in the Invoice History section.
      1. View additional details for each invoice by clicking the Details link on the far right.
      2. To download an Excel file, navigate to the Processed Usages section inside of an invoice's Details, and then click on the Grand Total count (or click the count next to a client name to view the usages for that client). An Excel file will generate with the Subscriber (aka client name), Invoice Number, Trade, Tracking Number, Approve Date, Amount, Status, and Service Automation Charge.

        You must have MS Excel or similar on your computer to view this detailed report.

        Viewing pending invoices and invoice history