Adding and Modifying Users and Assigning User Roles

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Adding users to your Provider Automation account is beneficial for various reasons. First, as a business owner, you can give people within your organization the right roles to do the right tasks. Second, adding your technicians allows you to assign work orders in Provider Automation and drill down to see which technicians are dispatched to which work orders without the need for external software. Third, your clients are aware of not only when your technicians are scheduled to arrive onsite but exactly who is expected to arrive.

Adding Users

In Provider Automation, you can add employees to your account and give them permissions in line with their duties.

⦿ How to Add a User and Send a User Invitation
  1. Under Admin > User Management, click the Invite User button. The Invite User page appears.
  2. Under the Basic column, enter the user's name, email, and mobile phone number

    Each user must have a valid email address in order to be invited through this method.

  3. Under the Access column:
    1. select the appropriate User Role. See Provider Automation User Roles and Access, below.
    2. check whether the user is a designated Primary Contact of your business.
  4. Click Invite. Invited users are added to your company, and are automatically sent an email to complete their profile.
  5. On the User Management page, click Invited to view all users invited to your company. 

Provider Automation User Roles and Access

Administrators can assign the following user roles for your technicians and other operations personnel:

  • Business Owner / Management: the owner of the business or a management representative responsible for ServiceChannel. This is an Admin user with full access to all modules within Provider Automation.

    For Business Owners who also are Technicians, please see Adding the Technician Permission to Business Owners and Service Operations Roles, below.

  • Service Operations: an employee of the business, responsible for managing and assisting in the fulfilment of client service needs, including managing work orders, proposals, and invoices. By default, this user does not have administrative access to Provider Automation.
  • Financial Authority: an employee of the business, responsible for managing financial information in ServiceChannel. By default, this user does not have administrative access to Provider Automation; the user has access to relative financial-related pages such as My Account.
  • Technician (Mobile Access only): an employee of the business responsible for accessing and completing work orders for clients. By default, this user only has access to ServiceChannel Provider Mobile apps. Users who are assigned the Technician role automatically appear under Work Order Assignment.


    Only users assigned the Technician role can use their email and password to login to ServiceChannel Provider Mobile

    Users who are not assigned the Technician role can only use their PIN code to login to SC Provider Mobile.

When selecting a User Role, the default permissions automatically update. To ensure that your users have access to the appropriate areas within Provider Automation, Admins may check the appropriate role access (Provider Automation User, Provider Automation Admin, and Technician) and/or Directory / Fixxbook Permission (in the drop-down menu) to adjust their users' permissions and access. Admin can adjust access to different pages in Provider Automation, including Client Compliance, Business Profile, My Account and your core Work Order & Invoicing solutions.

Adding the Technician Permission to Business Owners and Service Operations Roles

For smaller businesses who are both the Business Owner and Technician, do not change the dropdown role to Technician. You will inadvertently remove your access to Invoicing, Proposals, and other modules within Provider Automation.

Instead, simply check the Technician box underneath the User Roles area. This way, you can login to SC Provider Mobile using your email and password, while still keeping your access to Provider Automation.

NOTE: When setting User Profiles for Internal Providers/technicians, you will not have the ability to assign Directory/Fixxbook Permissions.