Modifying Payment Methods

Modifying payment methods may become necessary in certain cases. When changing the existing payment methods, retain at least one account as the primary payment method. This is also the case when you delete payment methods

Only the Business Owner/Management and Financial Authority user roles give you permission to manage payment methods. Read more about user roles in Adding and Modifying Users and Assigning User Roles.

Setting Up the Primary Payment Method

You may add multiple payment methods to your profile — as many as you need. Once the payment methods are set up, you can select which method is the primary one. This account will be automatically charged once a month for your pending fees.

Should your primary payment method expire or otherwise become inactive, you must update your primary form of payment. You will receive email notifications on the failed payment and will have 7 days before falling into the Restricted status.

⦿ How to Set a Primary Payment Method
  1. In the Saved Payment Methods section, find the payment method you wish to make primary, and then click Make Primary.
    Click Make Primary to make a payment method primary
  2. Confirm your choice by clicking OK in the pop-up.

Your selected payment method appears under Primary Payment Method and will be charged during the next billing cycle. The previous primary payment method is moved to the Saved Payment Methods section.

Editing a Payment Method

You can edit the payment method details — say, when a credit card expires and you need to update the account information.

⦿ How to Edit a Payment Method
  1. On the Manage Payment Method page, click Edit next to the payment method you wish to modify.
    Click Edit to update a payment method
  2. Update the desired fields.
  3. Confirm the ServiceChannel's Terms & Conditions checkbox is still selected.
  4. Click Authorize Payment.
  5. Click OK in the confirmation message.

Your updated payment information appears in the Manage Payment Method section.

It may so happen that you face an error shown in the image below when trying to update your payment methods.

An error message you receive when your payment method cannot be updated

Usually, the reason is that we were unable to successfully process your payment multiple times. If this is the case, contact us by email or phone number provided in the message to rectify the situation. Should you want to check the details of pending and past ServiceChannel Software Usage Fees, click View Invoice History in the error message. See Viewing Software Usage Fees Invoice Details for more info.

Deleting a Payment Method

If for any reason you no longer need a payment method, you can delete it.

Note that you cannot delete your primary payment method. Should it be the only payment method you have, add a new one, and make it primary. Then you can remove the other account.

⦿ How to Delete a Primary Payment Method
  1. In the Saved Payment Methods section, click Delete next to the payment method you wish to remove.
    Click Delete to remove a payment method
  2. Click OK in the pop-up.

The selected payment method no longer appears on the page.