Account Statuses

Based on your updated Payment Method, your account will be in one of the following statuses, Active, Grace, or Restricted.

ServiceChannel Usage Fees statuses

Once you have added an acceptable Payment Method, your account will move to the Active status. You will be automatically billed for your monthly invoice.

Your ServiceChannel Usage Fees account status appears in the upper-right corner of the Profile Overview panel on the Home page.

For more information about your profile status, hover over the Account Status.

About Grace and Restricted Account Statuses

ServiceChannel will communicate with you regarding issues with your payment method. Should your status lapse into either the Grace or Restricted statuses, you will receive both an email reminder and a notification in Provider Automation.

  • Should your payment method is rejected, declined, or expired, please correct the payment method immediately. Your account will automatically be moved to the Grace status to allow you time to update your payment method.
  • Should you not update your payment method within the Grace period, your account will automatically be moved to the Restricted status and your ability to submit invoices is temporarily suspended until you successfully update your payment method.
  • While your account is in the Restricted status, your provider profile will be unlisted in the ServiceChannel Marketplaces Search — ServiceChannel clients will not be able to see you or request you to join their private networks to issue work orders to your company.