Answering Work Order Checklists

When a work order has an attached Checklist the technician will be informed when they check in and/or check out. The notice will give the technician the option of viewing the checklist before they begin the work, or at the point of check out.

Checklists appear when checking in and/or checking out. For users with access to Travel Time or Admin Time functionality, Checklists do not appear when logging travel or admin time. it only appears when you are ready to check into the work order to perform the repair.

Viewing Checklist with Segments

You may come across Checklists with Segments on a work order. Certain clients may have a slightly different checklists configuration. This includes breaking up the questions into a Check-in and/or Check-out segments. These questions are delivered during the check-in, check-out, or both phases of the work order. Checklists with Segments have the same purpose just like as an ordinary checklistWhen necessary, you can jump to specific questions on the checklist. Technicians can access a full list of checklist questions, when checked in by clicking the More button.

Some questions will be persistent where the answer could be the same each time and therefore, no need to change the original response or you can update the answer as needed. This allows for multiple technicians to update a single question and also allows for technicians to update their answer(s) on a subsequent check-in and/or check-out segment.

⦿ How to Respond to a Work Order with an Attached Checklist

Open Checklist message appears prior to checking into work order.

  1. Login to the work order.
  2. If the work order has an attached Checklist, a notification will appear with the option of opening the checklist now or later.

Checklist message appears during the checkout process.

  1. On check out you will be prompted to complete the checklist, tap Open Checklist. 3

Adding attachments to a checklist

  1. The Checklist opens to the first question. 4

    If an answer is required, a message will appear under the question.

  2. Answer all required questions.

  3. If an image is required a modal will appear with the options:
    1. Take New Photo;
    2. Take New Video;
    3. Choose from Gallery; and

    4. Document.

      To use this feature you will have to give ServiceChannel Provider access to your camera and documents.

  4. Select an option and take or attach the required item.
  5. When all questions and attachments are completed, tap Done to complete the Checklist process.
  6. Continue to check out of the work order as usual.