Managing Clients and Client Requirements

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When a client wants to work with your business, they will invite you into their Private Network. Through that invitation, the client may request specific information, such as additional insurance requirements, dispatch preferences, and client-specific agreements such as specialized rates and service level agreements. 

In the Clients section, you can manage these client-specific requests. The information you provide in the Clients section is private between you and that client.

A client can request information either at the time of invitation to their Private Network or anytime thereafter. No matter when they make the request you can manage the information in the same way.

A client may not agree to do work with you until the client requirements are complete and accurate.

You will know you have outstanding client requirements when:

  • There is a red box above clients in the top navigation bar, and

  • Clients are listed in the Action Required section of the Home Page.

Navigating to Client Requirements

⦿ How To Navigate to the Client Requirements Page:

There are two ways to navigate to the Client Requirements page:

  1. From the top navigation bar, click Clients. The Clients page appears.
  2. Click Continue next to the desired client. The Clients page for the applicable client appears.


  1. From the home page, under the hamburger menu on the top left, click Administration > Clients, the Clients page for the applicable client appears.
  2. Click Continue next to the desired client. The Clients page for the applicable client appears.

From a client’s requirement page you can:

  • Switch between clients: From the top of the page you can use a drop down to navigate between clients.
  • View outstanding requirements: In the left navigation menu you will see all potential requirements for a given client.
    • Sections with a red exclamation mark mean this information is required by the client and you have not yet completed the section.
    • Sections with a green check mark mean you have completed that section.
    • Sections with a gray check mark mean you have not completed this section, but it also is not required by this specific client at this time.
  • Take steps to complete outstanding requirements: In the left navigation menu you can proceed to take steps to complete outstanding requirements.
    Take Next Steps To Complete Requirments Link

Client Requirements

A client will select which of the items below they require their providers to complete. You will see the list of requirements on the left-hand side of the page. 

Other items on the Client Requirements page: 

  • Payment Terms: View payment terms entered by your clients, if applicable. 
  • Client Agreements: View client agreements your client has uploaded, if applicable. 
  • Search Statistics: View how often your profile has been searched and clicked during a specific period of time.