Managing the Profile Overview

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The Profile Overview page (previously known as "Fixxbook") provides you with a quick look at outstanding requirements from ServiceChannel clients, a quick way to modify your profile and manage trades as needed. From here, you can also enroll in the ServiceChannel Scout program — a new place where strong and successful relationships are built with your clients.

⦿ How to Access Profile Overview
  1. In the top navigation panel, click Profile Overview. The Profile Overview page appears.

Managing Action Required

The Actions Required section of the Profile Overview page will only appear when you have client requirements that need to be completed. A client for which you had previously completed all requirements will show in this section if they have added a new requirement. From here, you can see which clients have outstanding requirements, your completion percentage for that client, and the total number of remaining sections to be completed. By clicking Continue next to the desired client, you can complete any outstanding requirements.

Viewing Profile Overview

From the Profile Overview section, you can at a glance see how many trades your company has registered with, view percentage completion for your Fixxbook Profile, Financial Information, and PN and directly take action to manage all of these items.

By clicking the button to the right of the desired profile overview section you will be directed to the appropriate area to take necessary action.

Profile overview

PN Overview

The PN Overview percentage provides you a completion percentage for client requirements across all clients.