Requesting Parts on Order

When parts are needed for a work order, you can change the work order status to a designated extended option that allows you to request parts to be purchased by the client.  The purchases are tracked within the Invoice & Materials/Parts tab under Parts Purchasing. When those parts are order, it still tracked within Invoice & Materials/Parts but under Materials Ordered. You can request parts on order in SC Provider Mobile. 

⦿ How to Enter a Parts Purchasing Request
  1. Locate the work order that needs parts
  2. Click the +Add Note button to open the modal
  3. Use the drop-down arrow to change the Select New Status to In-Progress/Parts on Order
    Change Status
  4. Enter the part information
    enter part information

    Quantity and Part Description is required. 

  5. Optional: Click the Add Another Part link to add additional parts
  6. Use the drop-down arrow to select a destination for the part
  7. Use the drop-down arrow to select a Carrier for shipment
  8. Add the shipping tracking number
    Send part request
  9. Click the Save and Note button to finalize the status change and part request order