Managing Trades and Regions

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The Trades section in Provider Automation is where you set up and manage the types of work your company performs and where you perform them. The information will be displayed in contractor searches so the more thorough you are with your setup the more likely you are to come up as a viable option to clients.

In the Trades section you can:

  • Manage Trades: Identify from the list of trades the type of work your company performs.
  • Manage Regions: Identify where geographically your company does work and if you do the work Self-Performing or Sub-Contracting.
  • Assign Trades to Regions: Identify which trades you perform in which regions.

It is critical to setup complete and accurate trade and region listings in situations where your client has asked you to complete your rate card in Fixxbook. Without this, you will not be able to accurately load your rates.