Completing Your Directory Profile

By keeping your DIrectory Profile complete and up to date you ensure your company will have a higher profile score and are more likely to come up in a client’s contractor search.

On the Profile Overview page, next to Fixxbook profile click Edit profile.

Directory Profile

Next to each section is an Edit button for you to add or update information.

Adding Company Information

Adding Company Q & A

By answering a few simple questions, you can provide clients with more information about your company.

Adding Diverse Contractors/Suppliers Certifications

You may add your companies certifications, as needed.

Adding Business Basics

Provide information about how long your company has been in business, how large your company is, and the industries in which your company commonly works.

Adding Trade Associations & Certifications 

Add all applicable associations so clients know you are a part of associations.

Adding References

You may add professional references from other clients or other reputable businesses. This gives your clients even more confidence in working with your team.

Adding Regional Offices 

You may add regional offices to your profile so your clients better understand your office coverage.

Adding General Contacts

Adding Mobile

Add the mobile technology your business use, to indicate to prospective clients whether you have the capabilities of managing work orders through ServiceChannel's Provider mobile app.

Adding Licenses 

You may add, edit or delete your companies trade licenses, as needed.

Adding After Hours Information

In this section, you can indicate when after hours start and end for your company and state how you would like to be reached during these hours.

Adding Insurance

In this section, provide basic information about the insurance policies you carry. Add all the different insurance policies you have and ensure you keep the data up to date. You will receive alerts reminding you to update your insurance information when an insurance policy is set to expire. Note that once you are invited to clients' Private Networks, they will have additional insurance requirements.

Confirming Your Profile and Next Step

When all of your sections are complete, navigate to Profile Overview in the top navigation bar to view that you are 100% complete. With your Directory Profile now complete, potential clients can now find you and contact you when your company is what they are looking for.

Get Your Technicians Ready to Take On Clients

Provider Companies who use ServiceChannel Provider mobile app can update work orders faster and easier than using a telephone service (although we do provide telephone IVR service!). In order for your technicians to use all of the tools available to them, we recommend inviting them through User Management.