Adding Technicians to Use ServiceChannel Provider Mobile

Adding technicians to your Provider Automation account is beneficial because:

  1. You can assign work orders in Provider Automation and drill down to see which technicians are dispatched to which work orders, without the need for external software.
  2. Your clients are aware of not only when your technicians are scheduled to arrive onsite, but exactly who is expected to arrive.

In Provider Automation, you can invite technicians under User Management.

Adding Technicians

Managing Invited Technicians

On the User Management page, click the Invited circle to view all users invited to your company.

From here you can

  • reinvite a technician who did not receive (or accidentally deleted) the email invitation,
  • deactivate a user; and
  • email a technician.

Adding Additional Users

In User Management, you can add just about everyone in your organization: accountants and financial operations, technician managers and dispatchers, and other service operations. Please see Adding and Modifying Users for more information.

Adding Users to User Management via Template

When there is a need to add multiple users at once to User Management, the task can be acheived by using the Bulk Invite Users process.  The Bulk Invite Users process captures user’s names, email addresses, cell phone numbers and roles and then sends them an email invitation to set up their accounts in User Management. Administrators will be able to view who has responded to the invitation and who has not responded. Once users have been invited, they can use either their mobile device or desktop computer to follow the on-screen instructions received in the invitation email to complete their account registration.