Adding an Internal Provider

You can add internal providers from within your organization to Service Channel. Internal providers are added for two purposes:  

  • To manage specific work orders or as a backup in case a service provider declines work. 
  • To treat internal departments or technicians like contractors and manage work orders submitted to them through the system.
⦿ How to Add an Internal Provider
  1. On the top-left of the page, click the menu icon, and select Admin > Providers. The Providers page appears.
  2. Click Add Internal Provider.
  3. Fill in the data for the provider on the General Info tab. Fields will be validated for the correct format (e.g., Phone must contain a valid phone number, Primary Email must contain a valid email address, etc.). The following fields are required:
    • Primary User: The name of the primary contact for the account. 
    • Password: Passwords are a minimum of seven characters and must contain at least one number and one letter.
    • Contractor Name: The name of the company, organization or department. 
  4. The Is Internal check box is checked by default because you are creating an internal provider. This cannot be changed.
  5. Click Save. You will receive confirmation that the new internal provider has been saved. Once the new internal provider is saved, the Communication Info tab for the new provider will be available. You can access this section to fill out any contact details for the new provider.