Approving, Disputing and Rejecting Invoices in Dashboard 1.0

Invoices listed on this page are in the Open, On-Hold / Disputed, or Reviewed invoice statuses.

  • On Hold / Disputed: An invoice that you place on hold through the dashboard will remain in your Approve Invoices queue until you approve it. For multi-level invoicing, the next approver may not be able to take action on the invoice until after you have cleared the dispute.
  • Reviewed: For multi-level invoicing, a reviewer below you in the hierarchy has approved the invoice, and you are the next to take action.
⦿ How to Take Action on an Invoice

Taking Action on an Invoice

  1. Click Approve Invoices on the left navigation panel. The list of open invoices will appear. See Navigating the Invoice Lists for more information on each column.
  2. To mark the invoice for Audit, check the box related to the invoice. See Marking Invoices for Audit, below.
  3. Under the Action column, click Go. The Action page will appear, listing the following information: 
    Invoice Action Screen

    Column Header


    Edited By

    Your username is listed here.


    Classifications that are created in the system by the administrator to group different types of work orders.

    Note: Your permissions determine if you can change the Category.

    Approval Code

    An identifier used for accounting purposes.

    Note: Your permissions determine if you can change the Approval Code.


    Allows a user to approve, dispute, or reject an invoice.(Linked Comment)


    The line of work under which the work order falls.


    Enter notes for the invoice, especially the invoice is being disputed or rejected.

    Invoice Amount

    The total cost of services, including taxes and fees, in the appropriate currency.

    Additional Action(s)

    When activated, a list of users who are next to approve the invoice after you have approved it.

    Note: Your permissions determine if you can change the next Approver.

  4. If permissioned, change the Category and Approval Code (Note: Your permissions determine if you can change either of these):
    • Use the drop-down menu to change the Category, if necessary.
    • Enter a new Approval Code, if necessary.
  5. In the Action drop-down, select the appropriate invoice status: Approve, On Hold / Dispute, or Reject.
  6. Click Submit. A confirmation page appears stating that the invoice status was updated.

Marking Invoices for Audit

Check the Audit box for invoices that should be flagged for administrators to run reports for auditing purposes. Note that you must check the box before approving the invoice, as you cannot take this action after the fact through the dashboard.