Provider Reviews and Ratings through Dashboard 1.0

The ability to review service provider performance with both ratings and reviews through Provider Reviews and Ratings provides more information and hence the ability to make better decisions.

Ratings are based on a five-star scale, while reviews provide the opportunity for a more detailed description.

This capability incorporates subjective feedback from location managers as part of your service provider performance measurement.  Combined with the objective performance measurement in the Contractor Scorecard, you get an overall picture of service provider performance.

When you review a work order that a service provider marked as complete (in the Completed/Pending Confirmation) status, you can:

  • Mark the work order as complete or not;
  • Provide a star rating for completed work based on factors such as the quality and timeliness of the service;
  • Add a comment to provide additional information.

With the Provider Reviews and Ratings feature, you may leave review on work orders through Service Automation, Dashboard, and SC mobile app. You may also initiate review from the feedback reminder email. Please contact your ServiceChannel Administrator to enable Provider Reviews and Ratings for your company.

The Review Process

Once a service provider marks a work order as complete, the work order status changes to Completed/Pending Confirmation. An email is sent to the original work order requestor and/or the location contact every night for the set number of days (usually 3 to 5 days), notifying that the work order is awaiting review.

It is best practice to provide feedback within this timeframe. After this period, work orders are usually set to Auto-Confirm, and progress to Completed/Confirmed status.

Your Service Channel administrator determines your review configuration.

Through your review, you may:

  • Advance a work order to the Completed/Confirmed status by selecting Yes.
  • Reverse a work order to the In Progress status by selecting No.