Initiating Work Order Reviews Through Email

When work orders are in the Completed/Pending Confirmation status, the location contact and the user who created the work order receive review reminder emails for 3 to 5 days. After this period, work orders automatically move to the Completed/Confirmed status, but this depends on your system settings.

You may be asked to leave a review for work orders in other statuses as well. Based on your company business needs, your admin configures what work orders statuses should trigger the star review process

Review Reminder Email

The review reminder email has key work order details, such as the status, trade, and caller as well as the provider company name and its contact information.

This email also has a section with stars that directs you to the review process.

Review reminder email with stars to rate the provider's work

Initiating a Review

You may click any number of stars as appropriate to rate the provider performance on the work order.

When you click the stars, the page for leaving a review opens in your dashboard with the stars selected. From this page, you may complete the star review process. Note that you need to be logged in to view your dashboard and complete the review steps.

You may be allowed to leave a review on a work order without logging into your dashboard. In this case, you receive an email that contains a link leading to the web page similar to the Leave Review dashboard page. Follow this link to confirm whether the work is complete, star rate the provider performance on the work order, leave a comment, and answer custom survey questions if any.

Drop a line to ServiceChannel to enable the process of leaving work order reviews anonymously via email as well as learn how to add custom survey questions to your star review workflow.