Managing Spaces on Dashboard in Dashboard 2.0

You can view open and in-progress work orders created from the floor plan. This viewpoint is available to determine whether an open work order has been submitted. This effort is to reduce redundancy and maintain repeated work orders to a minimum.

Modifying Floor Plans on Spaces in Dashboard in Dashboard 2.0

The Floor Plan Admin secondary role allows you to manage current floor plans. In doing so, you are able to adjust any assets that are currently on the floor plan. Any new floor plans added can be linked to a current location or another location.

⦿ How to View Open Work Orders from the Floor Plan
  1. On the floor plan. click on a circle with initials and a new modal opens

  2. Click on the View # Work Order link inside the modal to view open work order list

    Viewing open work orders on the floor plan

  3. A new window opens that shows the work order list

    Viewing work order from floor plan in view open work orders tab on the dashboard

Open and In-Progress work orders created with the regular dashboard will not be shown on the floor plan unless it was created for an asset that is associated with the floor plan.