2023 Release 1 for Providers

Coming in March: Updates to Improve Operations and Save Time

Important Updates for U.S. Providers slated for release March 28 - 30.


New List of Reasons for Rescheduling 

With this March Update, a new list of specific reasons for rescheduling a work order makes it easier for you to let your customers know why you are rescheduling. That minimizes questions, reassures your customer, and saves you time.. The same list of rescheduling reasons applies to both repair and maintenance work orders. 


Select from the new list of reasons for rescheduling whenever you need to change the schedule on a work order.

Automate Work Order Assignment by Technicians' Shifts 

If you have multiple technicians working in a variety of locations, you can use the auto-assign feature to automatically assign work orders to your technicians based on trade and location. With the March update, you will also be able to automatically assign work orders using the shifts your technicians work, making it easier for you to automatically get the right technician assigned to the right work orders, saving time for you and your customers.   

For example, you may have specific people who work after normal business hours, or certain techs who work on certain days of the week. Now you can specify what shifts your technicians work and let the system auto-assign work orders to them. 


Go to User Management and enter the technicians' shift information, then you can auto-assign work orders.

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Reminder: Now see all of your performance scores on your ServiceChannel homepage — including two new scores for Price and Engagement 

In February a new Marketplace Scores module was added to your ServiceChannel homepage showing your current performance scores for Speed and Quality, along with two new scores for Price and Engagement. You also see a new overall score, a weighted average of the four individual scores.  

Customers can also see your scores when they search for new service providers in the ServiceChannel marketplace.   


Keep an eye on your scores and look for ways to improve your efficiency and performance.  Go to your homepage and click on the Improve My Scores link or click here for more information.