2023 Release 2 for Providers

Coming in July: Updates to Improve Operations and Get Paid Faster

Important updates for providers slated for release July 25-27

All new Contractor Scorecard 2.0 

Starting July 25, you’ll have a powerful, all-new Contractor Scorecard 2.0, with near real-time information on your scores for each customer. See the same data your customer sees — including where you stand on the specific factors contributing to your scores.  


  • Get familiar with the new scorecard now 

  • See how you can use it to improve your operations, build stronger partnerships with your customers, and boost your sales. 

New comparison feature in Provider Search — put your best foot forward! 

Starting July 25, when customers use ServiceChannel Provider Search, they’ll be able to easily compare, side-by-side, up to five providers of interest matching their search criteria — including their current providers and potential new providers.  

When you’re included in a comparison, the customer can see at a glance: 

  • Key information from your business profile such as trades and coverage areas 

  • How many clients you have on the ServiceChannel platform 

  • The percentage of your business by industry (retail, grocery, etc.) 

  • Your performance scores based on the trade and geographic area specified in their search 

In Provider Search, your customers and prospective new customers can compare up to five providers side-by-side. 


Make sure your profile and scores show your strengths: 

  • Log on now to check your provider profile and make sure it’s complete and up-to-date. If you’ve expanded your service area, be sure it’s accurately reflected on the map in your profile. 

  • Understand what makes up your performance scores for Quality, Speed, Price and Engagement. Follow best practices to improve and keep them high.

  • You can see your four scores now in the Marketplace Score section of your provider homepage. Starting July 25, with your all-new Contractor Scorecard, you’ll be able to track your scores, along with how you’re doing on each of the key performance indicators by customer(s), trade, and geographic areas to pinpoint issues that may need attention. 

New invoicing options to support faster payments 

If any of your customers have specific service agreements or compliance requirements, they can choose new options to streamline the proposal and invoice process. You’ll get notified automatically if there’s a mismatch so you can make an immediate correction. These customers can: 

  • Upload pre-negotiated rates for labor, materials, rentals, etc. to help streamline your invoicing. 

  • Upload a predefined list of inventory parts with fixed fees required for specific locations and have them automatically carried over to work orders and invoices. 

  • Automatically validate the correct entry of any pre-negotiated markups on fees, rate card labor and materials.

Digital invoice Requirement  

To verify purchase order requirements, some customers may require certain providers to attach a digital copy of your invoice as an attachment to the work order. If your customer enables this feature, you will see a message when you go to submit your invoice.  

Asset tagging options to expand your service 

With this July release, you’ll have a new opportunity to expand your services to customers to include more help with asset management. If your customer enables this feature, they can assign you permission to: 

  • Upload assets to the system, for example, bulk upload all assets for a location via a spreadsheet. 

  • Edit asset tag information when you’re validating asset information and discover a wrong tag number or code on a work order. 

Regional settings for international service providers 

As ServiceChannel continues to expand around the globe, we are adding new localization settings such as date and time formats, currency formats and units of measure. If you operate multi-nationally or in a different country than the US, this will enable you to see things in a way that make sense for you, not just the US-centric way. More details will be available in ServiceChannel University in late July.