Filtering in the Contractor Scorecard

Filters are along the top of the Scorecard so you can hone in on relevant data. In some cases, the filters are preset to show you the most recent data in a limited time frame. You can filter data to see the data you need without impacting other users.

By default, the Scorecard shows data for all clients (Subscribers) within the past 365 days. Use the Subscribers filter in the all-inclusive filters along the top of the report to view by individual clients, different date ranges, or other criteria, as needed.

Filtering Criteria

⦿ How to use Filters
  1. Click the triangle next to Filters to show the criteria.
  2. Select the desired criteria to include or exclude:

    1. To Include criteria: select is equal to, contains, starts with, or ends with, and then begin typing the criteria in the pick list. Select the desired criteria from the pick list when found.

      You can select multiple criteria from the pick list.

    2. To exclude criteria: select is not equal to, does not contain, does not start with, or does not end with.

      Is null depicts the absence of data in a data set. Conversely, is not null depicts the presence of data

    3. To include or exclude data without a certain data criteria — for example, to select data without a Trade or Category — choose is blank / is not blank.
    4. To add more options, click the plus sign (+) next to a field to add another option to the filter. The new option will appear as either an OR condition or an AND condition, depending on the type of filter option.
  3. Once all criteria are selected, click Run in the top-right corner. The Dashboard report updates with the selected criteria.

    Depending on the length of the filter and the width of your screen, the filter criteria list may cutoff at the end (as highlighted above in red). The filter criteria may be behind the Run button. Simply click the triangle next to filter to view the criteria.