Responding to Service Requests

When you receive a non-maintenance service request from your client, you can either accept or decline the request. It is important to take action on the request so your clients know whether you will work on the issue. 

When you do not take action on a service request, your client may opt to reassign it to another service provider.

You can respond to a service request through email, telephone, or SMS text message.

Accepting Maintenance Work Orders

Planned Maintenance (PM) Work Orders are sent to your email as a bulk work order summary. So you cannot accept or decline them directly via email.

To accept/decline a PM work order, you need to manually change the work order status. The status change is carried out via adding a note. Click View Work Orders from the email to go to the Work Orders List.

The email attachment contains the details of the PM work orders dispatched to you. Follow the instructions in the email to import the .txt file to an .xlsx file.

Email notification about Planned Maintenance work orders dispatched to you