Grow Your Business With New Provider Search

Provider Webinar Summary

Thank you for attending our series of webinars where we reviewed how ServiceChannel is focused on helping providers grow their business. We wanted to take a moment to summarize the exciting new developments here at ServiceChannel:

  • Business Growth - we heard you loud and clear, providers want one thing above all else; the ability to grow your business on ServiceChannel with the over 500+ amazing clients brands. To do so we had to reinvent the way customers look for providers and ensure they have all the information in front of them.
  • New Provider Search - This solution empowers customers with the ability to discover new providers for any market and trade and is driven by benchmarked performance data to ensure the best provider results always appear at the top.

  • New Invitation Experience - The new invitation flow will give providers more information about the opportunity size (trades, locations, work order counts) to ensure you have all the right information before accepting the invitation opportunity.

  • New Provider Profile - Performance information is half the story about your company, customers also want to know more details about what you do and how you do it. The more detailed service information you provide, the easier the choice for our customers. This includes photos, website, after-hours schedule, certifications, licenses, trade specific services and much more.

Provider Webinar Recording

📺.  Click the image below to watch the webinar.

Provider Webinar FAQ

Question: If I get new work through the Provider Search tool, do I pay a higher fee?
Answer: Yes, providers will pay a fee of 5% per approved invoice for new customer work that you receive through Provider Search.

Question: Will this fee impact my existing customers and work orders?
Answer: No, these fees ONLY apply to new work from new clients you receive through our Provider Search.

Question: What does it mean to be a top ranked provider on Provider Search?
Answer: The top ranked providers are always ranked based on several criteria that factor into the ServiceChannel search algorithm. We leverage performance benchmarked data for the trade and region to ensure the best performing providers appear at the top of results.

Question: Can we pay to advertise on the new Provider Search solution?
Answer: No, ServiceChannel is focused on delivering verified business and performance data to our customers and will not allow for paid advertising.

Question: How do I know if I'm Listed in the Provider Search solution and if I have too much work, how do I Unlist my business?
Answer: All USA based providers are listed in our Provider Search solution by default. If providers would like to be temporarily unlisted, please contact support.

Question: How do I improve my performance on ServiceChannel?
Answer: We recommend you visit ServiceChannel University to better understand the KPI and Metric definitions and enact the change within your organization to ensure your teams are doing everything they can to meet customer expectations.

Question: How do I ensure my users and permissions are up to date?
Answer: Login to ServiceChannel and visit the User Administration feature to review all active users. You can also learn more about how to manage users at ServiceChannel University.