Managing Additional Approval Codes

Additional Approval Codes can be used when you have additional needs for codes for your accounting system. For example, you need to have a project code or an additional code associated with a GL or a code for a CapEX.

They can appear on the Work Order Details page and on the Invoices Details page and can be managed by you. 

Contact your ServiceChannel manager to make additional approval codes appear on the Invoice Details page. 

Once you have added additional approval codes in the Admin module, you can add, delete, and edit additional approval codes for the invoice in general and on the line items level on the Invoice Details page in line with your needs. See Updating Additional Approval Codes to read more information. 

Additional Approval Codes must be added in manually: they cannot be deleted from the system — they can only be disabled.

 Adding Additional Approval Codes

⦿ How to Add Additional Approval Codes
  1. On the top-left of the page, click the menu icon, and select Admin > Accounting > Additional Approval Codes
  2. Click Add Additional Approval Code.

  3. Select the category.
  4. (Optional) When being used for a specific location, select the location.
  5. Enter the approval code name.

  6. (Optional)  Select the Editable at line item level checkbox to be able to edit the additional approval code on the line item level on invoices.

    You can create several additional approval codes for one category, but you can select the Editable at line item level checkbox only for one AAC in this category.  

    The same works for locations: you may have several additional approval codes for one category and one location, but you will be able to select the Editable at line item level checkbox only for one AAC in this category and location. 

    Should your AACs have, for example, 2 different categories for one location, you can select the Editable at line item level checkbox for both AACs because they have different categories. 

  7. Select the Value Format.
    You can select the option for users to input the additional approval code on invoices manually or use a drop-down option where specific codes are added for selection. 
  8. Click Save. The list of approval codes will display. Your new code will be enabled by default. 
  9. (Optional) When you no longer want an approval code available for use in the system, uncheck the box in the Enabled column next to the code name. This will immediately disable the code.

    To re-enable the code, check the box again.

Should you add an additional approval code and need to it be part of your eInvoice process, please reach out to your Account Executive to discuss and have a quote created for your custom eInvoice process to be updated.