Audit Details

The Audit Details dashboard gives you insight into trends and areas for improvement across your locations. Easily pinpoint trouble spots like the top 10 locations with failed checklist items, helping you prioritize fixes and boost overall efficiency. Plus, with detailed insights on costs, invoices, and audit specifics, you'll make smarter decisions and drive better outcomes for your auditing process. 


  1. Filters 
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    • Headline Metrics 
    • Top 10 Locations with Failed Checklist Items 
    • Cost per Trade 
    • Invoice Amount by Location 
    • Audit Details by Locations 


  • Audit Type ­- Types of audits set up.
  • Audit Completion Date - The range to view audits completed in that time frame. Default is in the last 6 months.
  • Area – Areas set up in all Audit Types.
  • Checklist Name – Names of all checklists associated with the selected Audit Type.
  • Auditor – People who conducted the Audit.
  • Location Name - Filter for work performed at selected locations.
  • LocationNoteHeader Name - Filter locations by a location note header that you have configured.
  • LocationNoteHeader Value - Filter locations by a location note header value that you have configured
  • Region – Geographical areas you set up.
  • Overall Audit Score – This filter is a slider. Set the range by sliding the circles to the desired score range. Ex: If you only want to see audit scores in the 10th percentile, slide the left circle until it shows 90.
  • Checklist Item Impact - Used to selectively include or exclude items that are Veto or Ignore.
  • Source of Completion – Filter to view audits completed via mobile or web (Web includes tablets). Default shows both sources. Note: This data starts from Oct. 2023.
  • Company Name - Filter for certain companies in your portfolio.
  • Preferred Currency – View monetary data in your preferred currency.


Headline Metrics

Quickly assess critical metrics such as audit completion rates, top locations with failed checklist items, cost per trade, invoice amounts by location, and audit details by location to gain a comprehensive overview of audit performance.

Top 10 Locations with Failed Checklist Items

Identify areas of concern and prioritize corrective actions by pinpointing the locations with the highest number of failed checklist items, facilitating targeted improvement efforts.

Cost per Trade

View invoiced spend broken down across trades by total invoice amount, average invoice amount, and % of trade spend out of the total spend.

Invoice Amount by Location

View total invoiced spend related to work orders associated with audits per location in your preferred currency.

Audit Details by Locations

View, by location detailed, audit information like geographical info, site audit count, work order count, score, fail ratings, spend including committed, invoiced, and % of spending.

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